Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets - Hen-Stol

Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets

second choice sheet metal- Hen-Stol

Sheet metal

Recycling of plastics - Henstol

Recycling of plastics

Manufacturer of regranulates - Hen-Stol

Manufacturer of regranulates

Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets - Hen-Stol

Düesseldorf pallets

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Düsseldorf Pallets measuring 600 x 800, with metal and plastic bearers. Our offer includes also: 

  • pallets made of fresh (wet) wood

  • pallets dried in a drying chamber

  • pallets dried in a drying chamber with IPPC certificate

  • used pallets

  • new second-class pallets (boards with dull edges).

Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets  - Hen-Stol

Elements of pallets

We manufacture all the elements necessary for production and repair of Düsseldorf Pallets. Our offer also includes rivets, as well and metal and plastic bearers. 

second choice sheet metal - Hen-Stol

Sheet metal

We have been active on the European market since 2003. Our long experience in that field allows us to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients. Sale of II-class sheet metal without certificate constitutes the second pillar of our basic activity. We maintain sufficient inventory of steel allowing us to deliver the orders of our Customers within short periods of time. We also cut steel into sheets or strips at the Client's request. 

Recycling of plastics - Hen-Stol


We are a fully independent manufacturer of Düsseldorf pallets and regranulates made from plastics. We use our own transport, what allows us to realize orders placed with us quickly and within deadlines. We have a substantial machine park and huge warehouses located in Silesia.


Recycling of plastics - Hen-Stol

Recycling of plastics

In order to meet the needs of the market we have been dealing with recycling of plastics for several years. We purchase and process polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) waste.

Manufacturer of regranulate - Hen-Stol


We are also developing in the industry of plastics processing. We manufacture various types of polypropylene and polyethylene regranulates.

Excellent quality of our products, competitive prices and individual approach to Clients allow us to live up to many expectations.  

Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets - Hen-Stol

Wood processing

At the premises of our company we process wood for our own needs. In that way we have greater control over the production of pallets' elements. We use raw timber. 


Hen-Stol is a family company active present on the market since 1990. The basic pillar of our activity is manufacture and sale of Düsseldorf pallets measuring 600 x 800 and of the elements necessary for the production of pallets.

Our headquarters is located in the Mazovian Province. Our long experience determines the high quality of the products that we provide. In order to meet the market's requirements we expanded our business into other fields. We expanded our activity into the steel market. We offer sheet metal without certificate, which comes from European secondary market.

Another profile of our activity is processing of plastics. We produce high-quality polypropylene and polyethylene regranulates. We purchase both production and post-consumer plastic waste. We also use raw timber and we process it on our own. We have been cooperating for years with big companies from Poland and abroad. 

Manufacturer of Düsseldorf Pallets - Hen-Stol
waste plastics  - Hen-Stol

As one of the leading manufacturers of Düsseldorf pallets we do our best to ensure that every component of pallets meets the expectations of our Clients. We have a substantial machine park at our disposal. We control the whole production system, what allows us to eliminate potential production errors on an ongoing basis.

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